Submit Work

Want to submit to Tapezine: Analogue Journal?

  • What is being accepted?
    We are currently accepting music, audio, art, photographs, illustrations, graphic work, poetry, short text, and more for ISSUE #2.
  • Does it cost anything to submit?
    No! No money is accepted to publish your art.
  • What do I get if I’m published in Tapezine: Analogue Journal?
    You receive a FREE copy of the issue and up to 2 additional copies for 40% off the retail price.
  • What format can my artwork be?
    We will work with you to best preserve the integrity of your work. 
  • What are the rights being discussed here?
    Your submission grants Tapezine: Analogue Journal non-exclusive royalty-free publishing rights in perpetuity if accepted for a future issue. We will not use your submission unless we finalize it for a future issue.
  • How can I make my own tapezine?
    It’s free and we encourage you to learn how by checking out the beginners guide!
  • How do I submit?

    Contact via Facebook here!